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Happy Public Speaking

By Candela Iglesias

All eyes on you. Nine steps to creating a memorable presentation.

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Speak Up

You have exactly ten minutes to showcase the amazing new results of your project, the fruits of long years of research. The audience has already been through four hours of similar presentations and most people are fiddling with their smartphones. Your heart is pounding and your palms are sweating. An important offer or contract may hinge on your ability to interest key members of the audience on your work... Sounds familiar?

How do you control your nerves, capture the audience´s attention and manage to deliver a memorable presentation that will make them eager for more?

You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Happy Public Speaking!

Where I hope you will stop dreading and start enjoying each time you are invited to give a presentation or speak up at a meeting!

Delivering outstanding oral presentations (whether in a formal conference or at an informal office meeting) is a skill that can be learned. There is a recipe for it, and then you have to practice.

Speak Up. How to deliver outstanding oral presentations

Speak up is a dynamic workshop, in a small group, where you will obtain the skills and tips needed to give an outstanding presentation. In the course of a week of intense and fun work, based on your own individual presentation, you’ll learn the key points for preparing and delivering clear and concise presentations and speeches that will be remembered by your audience. We will work on:

  • Plannin