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Outstanding oral presentations

Speak Up. How to deliver outstanding oral presentations

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When: Next workshop is in August/September, 2017.
Twelve-hour course over 4 afternoons.

Where: Downtown Oslo, Norway.

Who: This course is tailored for professionals and business people who are highly committed to acquiring public-speaking skills and the ability to sell their projects and ideas.

Requirements: Bring a pre-prepared 6-minute oral presentation or speech, it can be a presentation you’ve given before or one that you will give in the near future.

What you get:

  1. Twelve hours of dynamic, fun learning in a small group. This allows you to get focused attention from me, practice everything we learn in a safe, supportive environment, and get immediate and constructive feedback.
  2. Two videos of you giving your presentation at the start and at the end of the week. Watching themselves in a video is consistently the part of this workshop that my clients assure has helped them the most. It allows you to become your own best critic. It shows you in a very tangible way the huge progress you’ve made during the week.
  3. A “presentation checklist”, a step-by-step reminder on how to prepare and deliver your outstanding oral presentation. This will give you a clear guideline when you sit down to prepare your next amazing presentation!
  4. A binder with all the course materials and exercises. This allows you to focus on the course and avoid the necessity of taking notes, and have all the tips available for when you prepare your next presentation.
  5. Two post-workshop 20-minute skype calls in the next three months. Because sometimes it is challenging out there, this ensures you get personalized feedback and coaching on your upcoming presentations!

Click here for the detailed course syllabus.

Cost: NOK 5,990 per person.

Early bird 15% discount if signing up 15 days before start of the course.

About the workshop

Here’s what some of my students have said about the workshop:

“I used to think I was a good speaker. But there is a before and after the Speak Up workshop. My main goal when signing up was to eliminate the use of "uh and ah's" and other filler words, but I gained much more. My presentations are now more structured and the content has a higher impact on my audience. Candela makes the workshop entertaining and enjoyable. The techniques and tools she uses are versatile, and can be adapted for presentations in any area of knowledge. Dare to get out of the ordinary and your audience will thank you."
- Miguel A. Avila-Rodriguez. Physicist. Head of Radiopharmacy Unit. Faculty of Medicine. UNAM.

“Public speaking used to make me panicky and stressed. I would start sweating and it was easy to see my nervousness. After the workshop, I relaxed. Now I feel more confident. This workshop gave me tools for many other things in daily life, not only for formal and informal presentations. It inspired me! What I liked the most was learning to better structure my ideas, and to be able to practice and receive feedback from different viewpoints. And learning about hooks, hooks, hooks!"
- Paul Moheno Klee. Communications and Production. MV Foundation. www.mexicovivo.org

“This course was very useful. Candela provided advice that has proven to be very effective in maintaining the audience’s attention as well as tips on how to sidestep some of the most common problems that may occur when delivering a talk. I particularly enjoyed the “impromptu” speeches, as it gave everyone a chance to be creative and learn how to deliver a brief talk in a confident and organized manner in the spur of the moment’ ”
- Leticia Kuri-Cervantes, PhD. Postdoctoral researcher. Cleveland.